Training Objective

  Is to share our unique know how and practical experience accumulated by years of service and operation within defence against terrorism and security entail to Indian PM’s
  Military training geared towards enhancing the participant’s ability to protect themselves with self-defence methods. Our very thorough yet simple and professional training will help the participants attain a level of self-defence and response techniques which will help save lives when necessary.
  To enable the participants to test their fitness and ability to work under stressful scenarios

Training Methodology

Our various training modules are aimed at installing leadership qualities amidst nature be it for a man/woman participant from any walk of life enrolled with us .Our training programs not just equip you with tactics to self-defence but also help integrate effective communication and time management skills through our regime. We help you overcome your fears and inhibitions to a given stressful situation - without getting stressed. Our training programs are a mix of various activities such as camping in nature, yoga, commando training etc

Who can attend?

Mainly focusing on youths aged above 15 years. We offer different training modules right from students of 9 th standard onwards till post-graduation. We offer specific need based training for corporates, government organizations & PSU’s and our programs would be open for students from foreign universities.


We have a 3 day & 4 days certificate programs available specially designed keeping in mind the target group

Suitable for every teenager, man and woman from different walks of life. After all our youth are our tomorrow


Success is based solely on actual performance. We aim at harnessing every individual participant abilities to its finest and fullest potential with our confidence building, mind and body strength enhancing training techniques. We strive to bring out the best in each participant to make sure every individual is able to combat tough situations not just at work but whatever life throws at them!!

Training Modules

Adventure Leadership Training

for school children

Building tenacity & Humility while young in 3 levels i.e., Alpha, Beta & Gama

Tenacity and humility—two qualities that help anyone survive in the face of chaos. During chaotic times how do you stay focused on critical priorities and keep moving forward?  Tenacity allows breathing while in crisis and Humility allows gratifying situation while in crisis

Outbound Leadership Training

for UG & PG (BE/MBA) Students

Essential skills of Leadership

Essential Skills of Leadership is a leadership skills training program that teaches you how to improve self-esteem, focus on behaviour, and encourage them to commit to the respective goals of the individuals.

Outbound Experiential Training

for Corporates (up to mid manager level)

Leadership Personality Development

Gain the skills and confidence to deal with leadership and challenging personality types. Learn how to keep your composure and avoid escalating the problems when interacting with unreasonable people.

Outbound Experiential Training

for Corporates (Top management level)

Building Coaching Culture

Coaching can deliver dramatic results and drive significant financial impact to the bottom line. Many organizations today utilize coaching to build alignment, accelerate goals, and develop current and future leaders. Corporate coaching is focused on execution and results!

Leadership Training

through Inspiration

Women Empowerment

Role models are called so because they have risen as a phoenix from the ashes and set examples to many to follow. In women empowerment there have been examples who not only exemplify the growth, struggle and the success but also inspire the other gender too to create such examples

Other Activities

  • Visit to CRPF- Commando training academy, will get a chance to interact with commandos who are undergoing training in the camp
  • Visit to largest snake park in Asia
  • Visit to an Open Jail
  • Trekking in thick forest range under able guidance
  • Visit to a beautiful beach